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I need some writers in my life! [Apr. 10th, 2007|02:03 pm]
The Emptied Pen


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Okay. I know no one ever uses this anymore, and the writing group kind of disintegrated, but I think we should start it back up! At least just online. What do you say?

So. Here. Everyone has to post either a poem, a short story, a short play, a piece of a novel, a piece of a screenplay, something by the end of the week. By Saturday. 4/14. And then we should all give each other feedback. Come on, guys! It will be fun! And then maybe next week, someone can post a writing prompt!

Who's with me? Lindsay? Sakka? Alisha? Rebecca? Nick? Nikki? Anyone? *crickets*

Post it in a separate, new entry. I'll start.


A strange buzzing sound inside the ear drum
High-pitched ringing in the mind
Early morning sun
Emerging through the clouds through resistant curtains
onto my face,
but the singing feathered creatures flap their wings,
dancing from tree to tree,
and wake me.

Scattered images from dreaming’s end
blurring into the morning
a whirl of colors and symbols
on the screen of my eye lids.

You roll over, twist your body
to face mine,
your leg thrown over my knee,
the hairs on your forearm brush against my goosebumps,
uncovered flesh.
The ceiling fan spins
and pushes wind from the window
onto us.
We pull the blanket up to shield us,
a sanctuary from the cold, twirling rock
we lie somewhere upon.

It is this moment.
(Your lips greeting mine)
Before words are spoken,
before eyes are opened.
I forget myself.
Escaping from/Returning to
Foreign body/Comfortable corpse
The inadequacy of language
in your fingers as they
clutch my clothing.

[User Picture]From: oberonia
2007-04-10 06:36 pm (UTC)
I'm trying not to get frustrated here.

I know you mean well...but I've tried numerous times to get this group back together/started again and to no avail. Either everyone is out of town for a century or I get zero response. Even when we were having a meeting at a set time at set intervals, there were one maybe two attendees other than Rebecca and I who were there every time (except once I think). I've tried getting people to simply post to the group because lawd knows when I post creative writing to my own journal (story chapters, lj idol, essays, poetry, etc) I get no constructive feedback whatsoever.

I in no way am angry or mad or yelling at anyone...I'm just frustrated because this is something I really wanted to happen and it just never came together even though I spent a large effort on it (even making a cafepress shop and logo/chap book design cover for a book that never happened).

If you can get people to participate, more power to you. Good luck.

Poem-wise: I like it. I love the imagery. The third verse is almost a little too literal in parts (for me..maybe it's just the one line about the blanket that is sticking out to me). The last line is fabulous.

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